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Hi! My Name is Hayatusyifaul Maghfirah
I'm Ten years old.
Selena Gomez is My Idol!

Thursday, 6 March 2014, 03:40

sorry...the writing is soooooo big

Thanxs for Reading ;)

i'm back!!!!!!

hye back!!!!ughhh at last i can write again....cant believe its 3 yrs ago since i've been im 12 yrs old...btw my english is bad so sorry if u guys don't understand,i have something to share,im seating wif my worst enemy...she is sooooooo.....annoying,i actually cried 2 times because of her...cant wait till i change my place...goodbye;)

Thanxs for Reading ;)

ThReE DaYs Of HoLiDaY
Thursday, 19 April 2012, 20:45

YeAy today i'm not going to school but i'm going to have
an examination on may 8 ;(  and i haven't even study for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but i hope i pass my math i must get to go study before i didn't pass my math
so byeeeeee chowwwww

Thanxs for Reading ;)

Thursday, 1 March 2012, 04:25

cute pet hamster just like mine!!!!!!!!!!!
but i have two one is my sister's and the other is mine
mine is the girl and my sister's is boy
my sister's one name is coco and the other is crunch
so when i want to call them,i say coco crunch
hehehe thats all wat i want to tell u all today byeeeee
GoOd NiGhT 

Thanxs for Reading ;)

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